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Purpose of page I will try to update these pages daily when I get in. It is not that I mind people asking me how he is, but it will save me repeating the same story over and over again which is a little hard for me, especially if he has had a rough night. 
(Plus, my Boss may feel that I am accomplishing more work if I am not always talking about Sullivan when he comes to my door!) 
Feel free to ask questions, but if you want a quick update, check here first to see if I have made an update. (Note: my schedule will probably be such that I will arrive between 8:45 and 10 am and I'll make this update my first task of the day) 
(When available, I will put images in here too, or at least links to them.)
Mar 1,Mon.
n/w Sun
1900 Sat
  4 lb 3 oz and growing. Sullivan had a very good weekend. He continues to feed well, and his Oxygen was reduced to 5 ccs, with no increase during handling or feeding. Sunday night when his primary nurse came back on, she decided to try him on room air. After she turned it down, he did well. This morning he was still on room air, but was turned up to 5ccs to feed, just to be safe.
  He is very alert now at feeding times. He anticipates us coming in, and is awake and ready. His grandmother, and cousins and uncle and aunt came in to visit on the weekend. For the first time, he was awake for all of them. 
  He'll be undergoing another eye exam today. They put 2 sets of drops in to dilate his pupils to prepare him, and he seems to recognize what is forthcoming, so he wasn't feeding well this morning. Can't wait to be away from all of this, and just care for him like your average baby.
I have added 3 more images to Gallery 8
Mar 2,Tues.
  The eye exam, though tiring for Sullivan went well. His one eye is still back to stage 0, and the other eye is now down to stage 1 from stage 2. That is good progress. It doesn't mean that he won't have vision problems but it does mean that he won't have the Retinopathy of Prematurity problem, which could have resulted in a detached retina. His vision, and hearing, and other developmental issues will have to be monitored.
  Because of the stress and exhaustion of the eye exam, he didn't feed well all day, but he was back to his good old self by his 6pm feed.
  No date set yet for his release, but we are waiting for the word. He must still be immunized, since he was supposed to get it at 2 months but he wasn't well enough or big enough to get it. He'll get that in hospital, because there is the possibility he may have a bad reaction, and have to be put back on a ventilator (but we hope not).
Mar 3,Wed.
1950 grams
  NO OXYGEN! Tuesday at noon, the oxygen was turned off, and Sullivan's nasal prongs were removed. He did not desat during the breast feeding. This is a great step. It is now 1 day later and he is still doing well. Mom fed him 4 times yesterday. His feeding schedule today is going to be changed from Q3 (every 3 hours) to demand feeding during the day when Mom is there, and Q4 (every 4 hours) during the night.
   One step closer to home ...
Mar 4, Thurs.
  So far so good. O2 is still off, and he seems to be loving it. He actually met us in the hall today. Peggy, his primary, was waiting for us to arrive for his 9am feeding and Sullivan was awake, so she disconnected him from the monitor, and was walking around with him, while waiting for us. Probably the farthest he has been, untethered from his "station" in the Nursery.
  His bronchial treatments which were to reduce inflammation in his lungs, have been cut from twice a day to once a day.
Mar 5, Fri.
2030 Grams
4lb 7.6oz
  You've heard of Y2K, well meet Sullivan! 
2KB (2 kilo boy)!!
  Yes, he hit the 2 kilogram mark yesterday at 6pm. He was weighed just before his bath which was the first we had given him in over a month! (no, no, no. He wasn't stinky. The nurses have been bathing him late in the evening, but we haven't been because he tends to fall asleep after his bath, and Maureen has been breast feeding him in the evening!)
Mar 8,Mon.
2000 Sat
n/w Fri
  Sullivan continues to do well. His primary nurse decided that he should have a bottle since he'll be going home soon. So Friday night she gave him his first bottle. She said he did well, though a little slow.
  On Sunday morning, I came into the hospital and fed him his 2nd bottle ever. He didn't seem to mind (no confusion there!). The bottle contained 55 ccs and over the course of 30 minutes, he ate all but 5 ccs (okay plus the bit that went down his chin!) It was a good experience. (I think 50 ccs is about 1.75 oz!) 
  He'll be getting immunized today. We'll have to see if he has any reaction. He wont be getting another eye exam for another 2 weeks. Last week the doctor said because of his progress, he didn't need to see him for 3 weeks.
  His room is finally ready, with the carpet put down. Now we have to organize the rest of the house. We have to be ready for him coming home soon.
Mar 9,Tues.
2020 grams
  Man Oh Man. How could I do that! I forgot Sullivan's birthday, until I got to the Hospital last night. I should have mentioned it yesterday.
  Sullivan was 4 months old yesterday. I checked his chart, and he was also 120 days old. That's a nice even number. 
  He was immunized yesterday. He wasn't to happy about that, but the crying only lasted for the duration of the injection. I'm glad he has only a short memory.
  I fed him a bottle again last night (his 3rd) and he did quite well with that, so I think that will be any problem. We're at the stage now, where the nurses are quite comfortable with us doing everything (I'd hope so), so last night we took his temperature, weighed him, bathed him, and fed him and settled him all with no contact from the nurse. I guess we're ready for our full-time job. Bring it on!
Mar 10,Wed.
  Sullivan has had no side effects from the immunization on Monday. He wasn't phased at all. 
  His feeding schedule got screwed up in the last couple of days. Instead of 9am, then 1 and 5 during the day, he got switched over to 11, 3, 8 and 12 which has made scheduling our visits difficult. I suppose these are the problems that any parent has. So last night we visited but didn't feed. Today he has gotten back to a 9am + schedule. He is doing well.
Mar 11,Thurs.
2010 grams
  He is wavering around the 2 kilo mark. We don't think there is any concern. His weight fluctuation is probably due to him being solely on breast milk. He is no longer getting formula or human milk fortifier, but he is getting vitamin D and Iron supplements.
  Even though he had a bath and was weighed, which usually makes him tired, he was awake for quite a bit last night.
Mar 12,Fri.
Let's review Sullivan's Frequent traveller points!:
Frequent traveller program pts accumulated = 16
(remember, pts may be redeemed when ready, for free trip to Parents house)
An accounting of Sullivan's travels:*
(*note: early arrival and transfer from resuscitation room to NICU not covered under Frequent traveller program
    1. Mt Sinai NICU to Hospital for Sick Children Kids NICU (re:NEC sickness) via tunnel 
    2. Hospital for Sick Children Room 4 to Room 7 
    3. HSC to Mt Sinai via tunnel (despite 3 week absence, original bed space obtained - Must have been due to Preferred traveller status) 
    4. Mt Sinai to Hospital for Sick Children (re:Central line removal) via tunnel 
    5. return trip to Mt Sinai via tunnel 
    6. NICU to Level II Nursery 
    7. Level II Nursery to NICU (re:lung congestion) 
    8. NICU corner bed to central Nurses station location 
    9. NICU central location to isolation room 
    10. isolation room back to general NICU 
    11. RSV +ve, so return to isolation room (same day as above) 
    12. isolation room back to general NICU
    13. NICU to Level II Nursery
    14. Isolette to Cot 
    15. Level II to Care-by-Parent room + return (Wed Mar 10)
    16. Level II Cot to Car Seat with monitors attached (Thurs Mar 11)

  Well, it turns out that Sullivan is on the ball, and he read the fine print of his Frequent Traveller Program User Guide, V2.1.
  He discovered that although during his 3 hour transfer to the baby car seat it was not located in a moving vehicle, and he did not leave the unit, and although he was only awake for 1/2 hour, and he slept the rest of the time, it still qualifies him for 1 (One) traveller point.
  That puts his total number of points accumulated to 16.
  Checking Column 3, of Table 2 in appendix B, he discovered that with 16 points he can qualify for ..........   (wait for it...)

A Free Trip Home!!!!!!

Yes, you read that right.
After 124 days in Hospital, at a corrected age of 1 month 8 days, at an actual age of 4 months 4 days, Sullivan James Riley Nash is going home.

As you read this on Friday morning, Sullivan is being strapped into his car seat for the 2nd time, and he will, before noon on Friday March 12th, be transferred by his proud parents to the awaiting car outside the rear entrance of the Mount Sinai Hospital!

He's Going Home!!!

  To back track slightly, we were told last Friday that he could come home in one week. We did not want to tell anyone, because we did not want to jinx our good fortune. Anything still could have happened. His immunization could have given him a set back, ... anything. We were just  worried that by verbalizing it to anyone that it just wouldn't happen.
  Wednesday evening, Maureen and I and Sullivan stayed in the Hospital in the "Care-by-Parent" room. We "picked him up" at 6:30pm, and wheeled his cot down the hall to the converted patient room. It has a double bed, 2 night stands, 2 lamps, an alarm clock, a glider-rocker, an extra chair, and a few art prints on the orange walls to make it look more like home. He was "ours" for the night, with the only instructions being to check back in with the night shift nurse (7:30pm-7:30am shift) before her shift ended. Like any other parent for the first night, we were to care for him, feed him, change him, comfort him all on our own, with no monitors, no bells, no tubes, no nurses.
 The first thing Sullivan did was get rid of his Q4 schedule. None of that regimen for him. Feed every 4 hours, heck no!  He wanted to eat every hour all night, except for the 3 hour period between 1:30am and 4:30am when he took pity on us and decided to give us a break. But at 4:30am, he decided we had had enough sleep, and he just wanted to feed, and be walked around the room, and rocked, and stroked, and patted, and ... Loved!
  Tired yes. But what a joy, what a thrill, what an experience. To know that this was our little family group. That this group of three loving individuals would forever be joined together for the rest of our lives. A scary start, but a joy to see that he had bounced back so successfully.
  Today, he was placed in his car seat with all the monitors attached to see how he would handle that position. He was in it for 3 hours, sleeping for 2 1/2 hour of that, and looking around peacefully the other 1/2 hour. He passed with flying colours.
  Tonight, Maureen and I will try to tidy the house one last little bit (his room is ready, though he'll be staying in our room for an indefinite period), and then in the morning on Friday, we will go to the hospital to pick up our son.
  This will be my 2nd last regular entry in the daily journal of the "Hospital life" of Sullivan Web Page. I will enter one more update on Tuesday after I get back to work to tell you how our first weekend went.
  At this point now, Sullivan is a regular baby, and like any other parent, we will be going through the learning curve of raising a child. The update will no longer be necessary. Yes, he has a long road ahead of him. Because of his birth weight, under 1000 grams, he will be followed in the follow-up clinic at Hospital for Sick Children for the next 4 years (this helps them gather data on preemies), with visits approx. every 3 months for the first year, and then more spaced out after that. We will just have to wait and see if there are any lasting effects from Sullivan's early delivery and extended period on the ventilator.
  An added bonus to all of this, Sullivan will be invited to the annual "Mount Sinai Preemie Picnic" held every June in High Park. There we will be able to reacquaint ourselves with fellow parents and babies from Sullivan's stay in the hospital.

  Maureen and I thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for your thoughts, your prayers, your concern, your love and your friendship over the past 4 months plus. It is very heartening to know we have friends as special as all of you.
  If you check out the Saturday March 13 Toronto Star, you should find Sullivan's Birth Announcement that we have been waiting to put into the paper. The time has finally arrived.

Thank you all.
Maureen, Sullivan, and Andrew
Mar 16, Tue.
2095 grams
  Well, we are now just like any other family who has taken a baby home. Constantly staring because he is so cute, wondering if he is still breathing when he actually does fall into a deep sleep, and getting only a couple hours of sleep each night.
  Our weekend was very successful. He didn't let us sleep much on Friday night, but did sleep very well during the day on Saturday. We'll just have to hope that we can get his days and nights switched around.

The above is Sullivan's birth announcement. It appeared in the Toronto Star on Sunday March 14. The announcement originally appeared in The Star, Saturday March 13, but in the original The Star made a "correction" that changed the meaning of one of the thank you's. The word "nurseries" was changed to "nurses".

  Thank you once again for all your support. Thank you for following this page so closely. I used this page to not only keep you informed, but also as my own daily journal, so I will be able to remember all these early events.

  I will occasionally put up more images of Sullivan as he grows (like any parent).

  Thank you once again, later...

Mar 18, Thurs. Sullivan travelled back to Mount Sinai Hospital today to have his eye checkup. The visit took approx 1 1/2 hours because they had to put drops in his eyes to dilate them and then wait while the dilation happened.
  It was a good visit for Maureen, because she got to visit with 3 other mom's who were returning with their babies for their eye exams. (Thursday must be "baby day"). One was the mother of the triples (with all three babies there for exams), another was Sullivans "cot neighbor" in Level II and the other was one of a set of twins who was across from Sullivan in NICU.
  Both of his eyes have now cleared up. They are both back to stage 0. Next we'll have to wait to see if his vision is imparied.
Mar 23, Tues.
2170 grams
(4lb 12oz)
  Sullivan visited the doctor again yesterday. His weight is now 2170 grams, or 4lb 12 oz, so home life is agreeing with Sullivan. He is feeding well, and sleeping for stretches of up to 4 hours.
  A new gallery with photos of Sullivan's last week in Hospital can be seen in 
Gallery 9.
  Sullivan has so far only enjoyed 2 rides in his new chariot.
  Before long he'll be telling us which way to turn. Look out!
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