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May 2000 Sullivan has begun to walk, independently! Now, June 5, he will take as many as 14 steps before grabbing onto something, or crashing to his bum. He looks a bit like Frankenstein, with very slow, cautous steps, wobbly with every small step, arms raised, but very confident, and determined. I have to start filming him more, becasue before we know it, he will be walking like he's never known anything different.
He still has only 5 teeth, but 1 more is on the way. His hair is long (1 inch or more in places) but it is still "down" and can hardly be seen. He still looks like a baldie, with some peach fuzz.
Apr 2000 He is almost walking. He has been standing and walking around furniture for quite a while but hasn't taken any steps on his own yet.
He continues to be very happy (is he spoiled?...never!!!)

Sullivan was weighed near the end of the month, and we were disappointed. He now weighs 16 1/2 pounds. Not a very large gain (1 1/2 pounds in 3 months!)
The doctor wasn't worried though. He says that he is healthy, and eating well, and adds that he probably will never meet his genetic potential. He will always be small.

Shortly after this doctor visit, Sullivan started throwing up 1 meal a day, for 4 days in a row. He was taken to the doctor again, who said he probably had a stomach flu, and put him on electoytes. He drank more in the next coupld days than he had in weeks (he doesn't usually drink much, a couple of sips at a time, and so it is hard for us to "force" fluids on him. Good thing he decided to drink, or he'd be getting dehydrated)

He was soon back to his old self, and keeping his meals down (with a bigger appetite, it seems)

Jan 31 2000 Sullivan is approaching 15 months old, and 1 year corrected (i.e. February 4, 2000, is 1 year after his expected birth date!)
He is weighing in at 6.8 kilos, which translates to 15 lbs.
He continues to do well. He is healthy, and in fact at his last cardiac appointment in January, they indicated that the problem he had as a preemie (pulmonary artery and valve stenosis) has resolved itself, and they don't need to see us again! That was good news.
 As for what is he doing these days? He will clap his hands (anytime you clap your hands, or the audience on any tv show claps their hands!)
He is now putting together sentences of gibberish. Says the occaisional "uh oh". Loves playing peek-a-boo (he has loved this for a long time!)
Is now crawling on hands,  instead of elbows, loves standing up, and has quite good balance.
Images from around Christmas have been put into Gallery 17 .
May to Aug
A lot of activity, but not enough time to scan pictures. I'll try to make up for that with this batch.
Gallery 13  has been put up up with various pictures 
During this time period, Sullivan took his first airplane flights. First to St John, New Brunswick (going via Montreal and Frederickton and returning via Frederickton, Montreal and Ottawa). He did well on all portions of the flights. This trip was to a runion of the family of Maureen's Mom.

His next trip was to Scotland, to the wedding of his Aunt, my sister Sylvia. All went well, even though all of us got sick whicle on Vacation (including Sullivan losing his voice, poor guy)

June 12, Sat. The annual Mt Sinai Preemie picnic was held today in High Park. Peggy our primary nurse was unable to attend, but we met a lot of other nurses and respiratory therapists that treated Sullivan along the way.
Also a lot of Sullivan's buddies were there: Renee and her triplets (Chase, Chandler andCadell), Anastasia and Nicholas, the Krycheks and Mathieu, Quinlan and his mom etc.
It was a very good get-together.
June 7, Mon Sullivan had a surgical follow-up at Sick Kids Hospital. The surgeon (Dr Fecteau) who put in the drains before Christmas checked Sullivan over to see how his recovery was. Though Maureen think the scar sites are a little tight, the Dr thinks they are okay, and we could simply massage them a bit if we wish.
She thinks Sullivan has recovered well, but the real test will be when he starts solid food. It is possible that there is a stricture in his intestine from the NEC that has not been detected yet since he has only been fed breastmilk up to now. We will have to monitor him closely when he starts solid food at 6 months corrected.
June 1, Tues
7lbs 14oz
22 inches
Sullivan had his 4 month (corrected) checkup. It went very well. Essentially everything is normal and on track.
His hearing was checked ellectronically, and it is fine.
We saw Peggy and Dr. McGee at Mt Sinai, and Debbie at Sick Kids. They were very happy to see Sullivan and how big he is.
May 10, Mon
6lbs 15oz
20 inches
Regular pediatrician appt.
May 7, Fri The many Faces of Sullivan in Gallery 12.
May 4, Tue The newest gallery is Gallery 11  with many splendid photos.
April 22, Thurs
6lbs 1 oz
18 inches
Sullivan weighed 6lbs 1oz at his Tuesday appt. The doctor is pleased with his progress.
April 12,Mon
Apr 6,Tues
2400 grams
(5.25 lbs)
In Sullivans last doctors appt on the 6th of April, he weighed in at 2400 grams. That translates to 5 1/4 lbs. Pretty good for a small chap. The doctor had hoped he would have gained a little more than that, but didn't seem too concerned.
He has a check up again in 1 week (2 weeks after the lasts)
His cardiology appt at Sick Kids this past week went well. He had an ECG and an Echo cardiogram. His heart is doing well. His "pulmonary stenosis of the artery" has disappeared, and the "pulmonary stenosis of the valve" does not seem to be a bad as it was, or at least not as big a problem as it might have been.
They gave us an appointment 9 months from now (our first appt in 2000!)

A new gallery of photos is up in Gallery 10. These are the first pictures since his arrival home. I hope you enjoy.

Purpose of page I will try to update these pages daily when I get in. It is not that I mind people asking me how he is, but it will save me repeating the same story over and over again which is a little hard for me, especially if he has had a rough night. 
(Plus, my Boss may feel that I am accomplishing more work if I am not always talking about Sullivan when he comes to my door!) 
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