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Hospital for Sick Children Christmas Card  
First Unhindered Face Photograph(no tubes!!!)Dec 1999

Weight Chart

Born: November 8, 1998, 4:40pm
27 weeks, 3 days gestation (13 weeks premature)
600 grams (1lb 5oz)

Twin brother to

Griffin Riley Nash

who passed away November 8, 1998
380 grams (13 1/2 oz)

Mother: Maureen Riley  Father: Andrew Nash

these images do not give a good idea of size, but:

  • when born, he weighed 1lb, 5oz
  • his ear is about the size of a thumbnail
  • his arm is thinner than my  "pinky" finger
  • his head would fit in the palm of my hand
  • his teddy bear saran is approx. 2 1/2 inches tall
  • my wedding band fit him as a "big" bracelet

  • Sullivan hugging his "bodyroll" (washcloth), and with his first Teddy Bear
    (a little greasy from his dry skin lotion)

    Our darling baby boy.

    Father and son.