Jaguar XJC
 The World's Fastest Vinyl Roof
Jaguar XJ Series II Coupé
XJ6C 4.2 & XJ12C 5.3

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Actual Link
Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust Coupe Page
The Jaguar Story, 1968 1979
Jag-Lovers, Home of the Premier Jaguar Enthusiast Web Sites and Discussion Lists
This link goes directly to their "Coupe" page.
Very Important - XJ Series 1 Coupe prototype for sale
Jag-Lovers, Chapter 6. The Jaguar XJ6 (1967-1987) including 1 paragraph on the Coupes
Daimler Double Six Coupe
Restorations / Conversions
Buying and restoring an XJ12C on Greg Meboe's British Car page
Coupe Restoration Project
Conversion of a 1976 XJ12C to a convertible (6  photos) by Catz Automotive Specialty Inc,
Jaguar Club / Personal Pages / Galleries with Photos
Page dedicated to Coupes from Australia by Tony Williams
Autospeed Article with photos about a 1977 XJ12C in Australia  Copy Link
Seattle Jaguar Club coupes
The Jaguar Drivers' Club of Australia, Coupe Page
Jaguar Association of New England website (1 picture of an XJC)
Jaguar Photos, including 1 of a coupe
Jaguar Enthusiasts Club Gallery of Jags, including 2 Coupes (one a Daimler Double 6)
Der Daimler Six Coupe 
(german page about Daimler Double 6)
New Avengers  TV Series, Patrick McNee's XJC Car
Wayne's Favourite British Cars, #7 XJ12C
Jean and Red Johnson's 1976 XJ-6C
XJ 4.2C Convertible in France, numerous Photos Copy Link
Racing Coupes
2 Photos of Broadspeed Coupe, at speed and at rest
XJC Broadspeed Coupe art 
Martin Sutherland ~ Jaguar XJ Coupe
Jaguar Racing Cars - XJ12C - Broadspeed
Coupes seen for sale on the Net (with photos)
XJ12C, sold on eBay June 2000, $6000 Copy Link  
XJ12C, unsold on eBay June 2000, $6600 (reserve not met) Copy Link
Lister 1988 XJ12C, Denmark (Aug. 1999)
1975 XJ6C, Denmark, (Jan 2000)
1975 XJ12C that sold on eBay for $10.500 (Jan 2000). Car possibly owned by Tom Jones (numerous clear photos) Copy Link
1976 XJ12C (Oct 1999)
Daimler XJ12C Convertible, Switzerland, 38,500 Euros (Date?)
XJC 4.2, Australia, $22,950 (May 2000)
XJ12C, on eBay July 2000 Copy Link
Corgi/Model Cars
Two Dozen Top Cats - Jaguar in Miniature
Slot car XJC body
Miscellaneous Pages
Upholstery Parts for XJ including Coupes
Jaguar Manuals, including Coupe, for sale
XJ12C and XJ6C Recalls

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