Jaguar XJC
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Jaguar XJ Series II Coupé
XJ6C 4.2 & XJ12C 5.3

This page highlights exclusively the Jaguar XJ Coupé built between 1975 & 1977
Many consider this, one of the most beautiful and rare Jaguars there is.
This site will contain information on and images of the XJC (XJ6C and XJ12C) both Jaguar and Daimler.
I have created pages to display Coupé images, magazine articles, magazine ads, manuals and brochures, models as well as links to other Coupé sites
(Eventually, I'll even get picures of my own XJ12C up on-line!)
Andrew Nash, Toronto, Canada 

Coupé Specific Information
The Jaguar XJ Coupé was launched in 1973, but was not sold until the 1975 model year, due to problems reducing the noise from the pillarless windows. It was in production until November 1977, with some of the later models being sold as model year 1978.
The 6 cylinder model was known as the XJ 4.2C or XJ6C. The 4.2 referring to the size of the in-line 6 cylinder engine.
The 12 cylinder model was known as the XJ 5.3C or XJ12C. The 5.3 referring to the size of the V-12 engine.
When badged as a Daimler, the Coupé was known as the Sovereign 4.2 or the Daimler Double-Six two door model.
The production numbers of the Coupé were:
Right Hand Drive
Left Hand Drive
Jaguar XJ6C
Daimler Sovereign 4.2
Jaguar XJ12C
Daimler Double-Six
Jaguar XJ, The Complete Companion by Nigel Thorley &
The XJ-Series Jaguars by Paul Skilleter

NOTE: in the book by Nigel Thorley, the above numbers are 
from the Technical details section, but on page 66 in the chapter 
on the Series II and the Coupé, he gives the following numbers:

XJ6C 6541
XJ12C 1862
Daimler Sovereign 1676
Daimler Double-Six 408
Daimler Vanden Plas 1
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Above the Beaten Path
(Road & Track November 1976)
Executive Express
(   )
Corporate Sports Car
(Road & Track November 1975)
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Upward Mobility
(Fortune February 1976)
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