Jaguar XJC
 The World's Fastest Vinyl Roof
Jaguar Series II Coupé
XJ6C 4.2 & XJ12C 5.3

Coupé Magazine Articles
Coup de Coupé, Amazing 'Series One' XJ6 Coupé alive and well in Australia. Jim Patten reveals its secrets
Jaguar World, April 2000, Vol 12, No. 3 
Pages: Cover & 34-38
Jaguars Undervalued XJ Coupe: The World's Fastest Vinyl Roof
Supercar Classics, September 1987
Pages: 64-69 & 104
500bhp Lister XJ Coupe! Storming Lister. 
Malcolm McKay tries one of Lister Cars' more unusual creations and finds it to be...Phenomenal!
Jaguar World, June 1999, Volume 11, No. 5
Pages: 20-25
Jaguar Special Issue, Hot Cat with a Tin Roof (win this XJ12C)
Classic and Sportscat, May 1992, Volume 11, No. 2
Pages: Cover & pg 110-117
Classic Jaguar XJ12
Car Mechanics, September 1990
Pages: Cover & pg 32-35
Jaguar XJ5.3C Racer, Puss in Boots & That Sinking Feline
Supercar Classics, October 1990
Pages: 48-55
XJ12C Coupé Track Test: Astonishing XJ12
Jaguar World, May 2000, Volume 12, No. 4
Pages: 58-61
Note: this is not a true Coupé but in reality an XJ Series 1 with the back doors welded shut.

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