Adopting from Russia: Trip 2 (Oct/Nov 2003)

Nov 1

Letters Home: Maureen in Ekaterinburg
Internet Cafe and Orphanage, Nov 7

Nov 9

Friday Nov 7 - Ekaterinburg

Sent: 8 Nov 2003 14:00:30 GMT
Subject: Friday Nov 7 Update from Maureen, in Ekat

Hi, I'm at the internet cafe!!!!!!!!!

It is 12:50 and Olga took Marlene to visit friends of hers from a local synagogue. It would have been nice to see a typical russian home but I thought I would just be a fifth wheel so I opted for the internet cafe instead.

They (everyone ) are so protective of us - Dima insisted on walking me up here (2nd floor of a small mall) to make sure I would be okay and checked that it wouldn't only be russian programs on the computer. I explained that I heard about this from Americans and I was sure they were using English so I wasn't worried - but he checked nonetheless..

I ordered a pot of tea and here I am!

Dima came back up (10 minutes later) after his errand to buy batteries so we could have music for the kids! at the orphanage on Marlene's tape machine, just to see if I was okay - very nice.

So, it is a good morning today - there is a dusting of snow and everything looks white. At the orphanage they brought the girls down in dresses for Leah's birthday, and Leah had a HUGE pink russian bow in her hair - very cute! I took a bunch of pictures of her and of the girls together. We will have cake and a party this aft. and Bailey has gifts to give Leah - it's a fun thing to do to make things different from the ordinary.

Lena took our airline tix to check on reservations if we need to change them. She says that we only need one day in Moscow so I should be able to get out on Tues. am. even if I can't get out of Ekat Fri am. That also means that if I DO get out Fri am I might be able to leave Moscow early, because I would be finished there (at the embassy) on Friday. I might have to stay just to do the tour of Red Square that I have my heart set on!

***** This section added by Andrew after a phone conversation.

As indicated above, Maureen checked out the internet cafe in the mall near the city hall... We had been told the price was always different!

On arrival, Maureen left a 100 ruble deposit ($3) . On leaving she first paid for her tea (15 rubles I think) then went to pay for the internet... the man asked for 12 rubles..which she gave him, and then he gave her 50 rubles it cost 62 rubles for 1 1/2 hours of internet!

Last but not least... when they went to the orphanage in the afternoon, for Leah's birthday (1 year) ..both girls had dresses on, and Bailey had a bow in her hair. Maureen said she actually shed a tear is was so cute. (and you know that Bailey hardly has any hair and what hair she has is whispy!)

There you have it.