We love our Ponyo!
Ponyo was born Sept 4, 2011,
and came to live with our family on Oct 30, 2011.

Mom and Dad

Ponyo is in there somewhere with her 11 brothers and sisters, and patient mom!

"Choosing day!", six weeks old, Oct 2011

How do you choose between the 12 puppies. Well, we wanted a female, so that brought our choice down among 5 pups!

Ponyo at top of image after receiving her new collar... no she's not a loner.. she just wanted a break from her siblings who were bugging her.

Our Family, including Grandma Ruth.

The trip home.

"Adoption day!", eight weeks old, Oct 30, 2011

(by the way, Yes, Sullivan was scared of dogs, but he agreed to an adoption...you should see how he loves Ponyo now!!!)

Her name comes from a Japanese, Disney distributed move.

First day at home.

Ponyo surveys her domain.

Ponyos home life.


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