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Baby Pages of
Andrew Nash and Maureen Riley.
These pages were originally created to keep our families up-to-date on Maureen's pregnancy in 1998.

Maureen had been pregnant before, but in each case we lost the babies. We lost Laura Riley Nash at 28 weeks gestation in April 1997, then in the summer of 1997 a miscarriage at 10 weeks and then the loss of a baby boy at 19 weeks in November 1997.

As in the previous few tries, Maureen was being watched closely by the doctors at Mt Sinai Hospital.

This site, includes all the information that we were given as the pregnancy proceeded:

  • the realization of pregnancy
  • the discovery of twins
  • the prescribing of Heparin
  • the loss of one twin
  • the birth of our babies
  • the day-to-day fight by Sullivan to survive
  • and finally his going home and onwards.

I hope these pages may help you with whatever choices you may be going through, and provide you with inspiration when you need it most. The story is hard, but the result is a miracle. 

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